is the position still open?

All our advertised positions are posted on a daily basis. As long as a job is online on our job market, the position is open.  


Part-time positions are marked as one. If there is no reference to part-time in the vacancy, it is a full-time position.

How are working hours and holidays regulated in the Haufe Group?

Depending on the legal entity, the weekly working hours vary between 39 and 40 hours, 5 days a week in a full-time position, as well as 30 days of holiday.

When will i receive an answer to my application?

After we have received your application, you will get an automatic confirmation by e-mail. We will do our best to give you an individual response to your application as soon as possible. If you don't hear from us for a while, you can contact the person listed in the job advertisement.

I have received a rejection. can i apply again?

Of course, we ask you to do so!

can i apply for several vacancies at the same time?

Of course, it often happens that several jobs have a similar profile.  

Is there a chance of being hired permanently after a temporary position?

We cannot give a guarantee. The Haufe Group is growing, which is why we make every effort to employ the right people even beyond a fixed-term contract.

Is there an entitlement to a company car?

There is a central company car policy that regulates the requirement for a company car. This applies primarily to colleagues in sales and key account management. In addition, there is a carpool that can be used in a professional context if necessary.

What professional training opportunities are there?

A group company agreement regulates the professional training rights of employees in the Haufe Group. The focus is on self-directed learning, which we make possible for our employees through the entire e-learning portfolio of the Haufe Akademie, among other things. Other offers from the Haufe Akademie, all eBooks and bound books from the Haufe and Schäffer-Poeschel publishers as well as various collaborative, peer-to-peer and curated learning platforms are available to our employees at all times. We offer training and workshops both in-house for all employees and through the open programme of the Haufe Academy and third-party training providers. For individuals, the training budget is not defined by a specific amount.

Am I allowed to work from home?

A group company agreement regulates what our employees are entitled to in terms of mobile work. We work neither exclusively mobile nor exclusively in the office. Our teams decide independently and on their own responsibility how to organise their working environment. The teams work in different ways - from fixed days in the office to complete flexibility. We make different arrangements for colleagues whose sole workplace is at home in certain, regulated cases. All our employees are provided with the necessary equipment for mobile work. We do not offer teleworking.

Can I work abroad?

A company agreement regulates the framework conditions for mobile work abroad. Every employee is allowed to work abroad in Europe for eight weeks a year, provided certain criteria are met.  

What equipment do i get?

All our employees are equipped with a laptop, headset, keyboard, mouse, docking station and monitor. Depending on the role, additional equipment will be handed out (e.g. smartphone). Depending on the choice of primary working model (Hybrid Worker or Office Worker), this equipment is located at a workstation in the office or at the private workplace. We do not equip teleworkers.  

Can i bring and sing over my company pension plan from my last employer?

Whether you can bring your company pension with you or transfer it to the Haufe Group depends on your provider and the conditions. Please contact us in advance. We will forward the application for review and give you feedback as soon as possible.

Can i bring and transfer my hansefit membership?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring your Hansefit membership with you. We will re-register you and a new card will be made for you.

Is there a dresscode?

We recommend "business casual", which is appropriate for any position - generally we keep it more casual at Haufe Group.

What are the requirements for refugee citizens of ukraine?

Ukrainian citizens must reside in Germany and apply for a residence permit in order to work in Germany.  The residence permit must be presented before employment begins. The application and interview process can be done before entering the country.

Is there a company restaurant?

There is a company restaurant at the Freiburg campus in two different locations. Our Rudolf's was named Germany's second best company restaurant in the category of up to 300 meals a day.