People who want to connect others shouldn’t work alone.
We’re united by our differences.
It’s a good idea to listen to good ideas.


There are more than seven billion people in the world – and there’s an astounding connection between them. The small-world experiment concluded that every person on the earth is separated by an average of six other people. The world is a social network. This becomes ever more significant in the digitized world. What better way of building network solutions than by being networked yourself? That’s why we not only work in teams with flat hierarchies, but also directly with customers. This gives each team a unique view of the challenges: the user’s view. Take lexoffice, for example. In regular interviews, the teams find out where the product is deployed and where there’s room for improvement. Agile scrum methods have replaced developers’ functional specifications to create the best solution as fast as possible.

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Diversity contributes to our unique atmosphere, as made clear in our work on lexbizz, a cutting-edge ERP cloud application for small and midsize companies. Twenty-three creatives from six nations are striding into the as-a-service age with lexbizz. They speak six different languages and the developers code in more than 12 software languages. But they’re united by the agile working method, because the team defines itself through its team objectives and common successes.

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Customer Perspective

The journey into the digital age is powered by a special fuel. Creativity. Computers might be getting faster and more efficient, but they won’t come up with big ideas. Only humans are creative. Creativity opens up new perspectives and new ideas. But seeing things from a different angle doesn’t only mean thinking about technical innovations. It also means getting the customer perspective. To fulfill their wishes, we adopt their position. And we do more. We involve them in our projects. In pilot groups and one-on-one dialog, in feedback sessions and user group meetings, their ideas flow out of the product and into the product.

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My job suits me.
We’re serious about work being fun.
Sharing Knowledge makes networks work.

Work-Life Balance

New era, new priorities? Good pay and social recognition are still important, but they’re no longer top priorities. Today, personal fulfillment and work-life balance are at least as desirable. Work-life balance, in particular, has become a buzzword, although the term is misleading, because it’s not about life contrasting with work. Let’s take a more positive stance: Work should lead to self-affirmation and therefore isn’t a counterpart but rather an integral part of life. So that work and private life fit together, we make flexible working possible. The freedom to organize yourself requires two things: your company’s trust and the right technical organization and equipment. We offer both. After all, spatial and temporal freedom are closely linked with mental freedom. Even a walk in the park boosts creativity.

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Haufe Group is full of team players – and we mean that literally, because sport is ideal for building cohesion and team spirit. Our employees love joint activities. There are many recurring events and regular sports opportunities. Some are organized by Haufe Group, but many are initiated by the employees themselves. Here’s a selection: the Haufe Group Ski Day for all employees; the Freiburg Marathon with almost 100 individual starters and relay team runners; the B2Run in Berlin and Munich; the Black Forest Ultra Bike Marathon; the kids’ soccer school training day at SC Freiburg; Haufe Akademie’s cooperation with Hansefit: gyms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis and squash center, yoga and Pilates studios, climbing and bouldering gyms, sauna, wellness, and much more. On the Campus, we have table tennis, a fitness room with mats, table soccer, billiards, darts, and Xbox.

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Open Source Knowhow

Network-organizations, Open Source and agile workspaces need some framework despite of all dynamic. Our framework is sharing knowledge. We take care of making experiences useful, internally as well as externally. By doing so we want to provide some valuable insights for our clients, partners and candidates.

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