Customer Information about the Safeguarding of Operations at Haufe Group

The growing number of coronavirus infections in Europe is increasing the risk for people’s health in general. The measures taken by the public authorities can be widely felt. We can assume that the restrictions will continue and be extended in the coming weeks.

We would therefore like to inform you about the precautionary measures we have taken at Haufe Group to date:

Our ultimate aim is to protect the integrity of the health of our employees and business partners. We have therefore taken all the necessary precautionary measures to assure the best possible protection against infection.
To sustain operations, we promptly set up several task forces that continuously deal with developments, assess the risks, and initiate the appropriate short-term and medium-term measures. Decisions are based on information from public authorities and recommendations from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) in Germany, the German Federal Ministry for Health and the Robert Koch Institute.

We have taken the following measures to contain the spread of the virus:

  • A continuous internal awareness campaign aimed at all employees about the developments and measures concerning the coronavirus
  • An explicit recommendation to employees to work remotely
  • Business trips abroad and within Germany have been reduced to a minimum. Important meetings can still take place after an assessment of the situation or can beheld virtually.
  • Customer events will be evaluated by the managers responsible, who will decide based ont he situation and each event’s relevance whether the event is canceled or held virtually.
  • Comprehensive and preventive hygiene measures at all offices and sensitization to hygiene-conscious behavior among employees, both at home and at work
  • Sensitization of employees to a conscious approach to the state of their own health
  • Sensitization of employees to a responsible approach to private trips and the avoidance of designated high-risk areas
  • Further measures will be implemented according to the risk situation.

We have taken the following measures to safeguard the continuation of operations:

  • Haufe Group’s business operations can be maintained across the Group, even if locations have to be closed. As a digital company, Haufe Group has all the necessary digital infrastructures to enable the majority of employees to work remotely, regardless of their location. These options have already been tested and are used throughout the whole organization anyway.
  • The rerouting of the telephone system ensures that customers can contact us by telephone for general matters and for support inquires.
  • Virtual meetings are possible using technologies such as Webex and Microsoft Teams.
  • The ability to deliver and the service capability of our suppliers and service providers is constantly monitored.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your regular contact persons.