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The Business Applications Network (BAN) comprises eight domains where we drive the new and ongoing development of the Akademie applications. This includes the shop, event management, and the learning environment. Our challenge is the digital transformation of the business processes, as well as the renewal of a system landscape that has grown overtime. In doing so, BAN adopts the latest technologies and approaches to createan evolutionary architecture. Our culture is genuinely one where people learn from one another and develop new methods and ideas together.

“What unites us is the BAN spirit: community, interaction, and enjoying coming to grips with projects. This spirit can be felt especially when we meet across teams,” Monika, team lead BAN

BAN uses TypeScript and Python and works, for example, with AWS Fargate, Lambda, Step Functions, RDS, DynamoDB, and Terraform. As well as retrospectives in the individual teams, there are communities of practice, where colleagues convene to talk about specialist topics. On top of that, there are cross-unit overall reviews, the BAN strategy day, and projects where colleagues from different scrum teams join forces.

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