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With the step into the cloud, the requirements for our developers have expanded. Now it's "you built it, you run it".  The development team is a DevOps team that, in addition to developing the solution, is also responsible for its operation and deployment. Our developers now have to do their own error analysis in the event of difficulties. This allows us to get to know our products from a different perspective. This is exciting and opens up new opportunities for the further development of our employees and the solution.  

In order to keep pace with technology and build up the necessary skills, we put a lot of emphasis on the exchange of knowledge and experience. We offer a great deal of freedom in this regard and encourage exchange within the Haufe Group, within the team, at conferences, meetups or events.

Not all development resources are put into functional development. We spend about a quarter of our efforts on the technological development of the solution.  The topics range from performance optimizations and refactoring to the use of new technologies.
We decide what to try out or implement based on what we think will benefit the customer most. We regard quality, performance and development efficiency as features that are relevant for the customer. New technological developments are always an unfamiliar territory for us at first. That's why we like to work with a proof of concept. This allows us to learn whether our ideas work.  

We expect our developers to be willing to learn and experiment, while at the same time keeping an eye on the business. To be able to work productively and innovatively, everyone should know at least one programming language in depth and have implemented a real case with it that was successful with the customer.
Very important is the teamwork and that we complement each other with our skills and knowledge.

- said Rainer Zehnle, Chief Architect Lexware Cluster

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