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One of the things digitalization means today is being able to work anywhere. And we enable our customers in the residential and real estate sector to do just this: With Haufe axera, they have all their business processes at their fingertips, wherever they are and whatever device they choose to use.

The developer team is based in Bielefeld in Germany and in Cluj in Romania. Despite the physical distance, collaboration works well, because we see ourselves as a team and work hand in hand. Power struggles and self-interest are unheard of. Our customers’ success drives us forward.

“The team is a good mix of juniors and seniors and has lots of energy. You’ll find a very friendly, open, and results-oriented culture here. We relish taking on tough challenges and we master them admirably.” Susanne, member of the management board and authorized signatory at Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG.

We work agilely in a modern software development environment. The particular appeal is that our work isn’t project-based. This means the further development of the product isn’t commissioned by one or several customers or investors. Rather, it’s an integral part of the product portfolio and a strategic initiative from Haufe Group.

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