Project - lexbizz


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lexbizz is the  youngest product in the Lexware cluster. This cloud-based solution is aimed  at medium-sized businesses and not only supports them in their daily  business, but also guides them through the digital transformation.

“Our team is  impressively cohesive and has a clearly identifiable will to continuously improve the product. This gives every team member a great sense of security  and makes work fun! Apart from that, our team is highly diverse: We come from  10 different countries and, between us, we speak more than 12 languages fluently. We all bring our ideas to the table – it’s a benefit we feel every  day." Bernd, development engineer

All team members are  certified professional scrum developers and work strictly according to scrum guidelines. This means flat hierarchies, shared responsibilities,  transparency, and communication between the scrum team and the management.  State-of-the-art technologies, training courses, and experimentation paired with a healthy culture of error and an innovative spirit are integral to our  work at lexbizz. As far as technologies are concerned, the project includes  ASP.NET, .NET Core, Aurelia Framework, Azure Cloud Services, Azure DevOps,  Terraform, Docker, Powershell, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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