Project - lexoffice


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We, the lexoffice team, share interdisciplinary office spaces, work agilely, and have a common goal: to make the daily lives of business people simple and mobile with lexoffice.

Since 2012, we’ve been creating smart digital environments that make small and micro enterprises successful – helping with everything from accounting and banking to customer service and working with tax advisors. We work closely with our target groups, that is, small businesses, freelancers, tax advisors, accountants, and startups. We gather their requirements and then generate ideas for new products or enhancements. Whatever it is, lexoffice rethinks and simplifies it.  

All lexoffice employees are based in the same section of the building on the Haufe Group campus, which facilitates direct internal communication. With us, you get the opportunity to see your ideas really come to life in the exciting field of online cloud products. With us, you work in an innovative environment with state-of-the-art working spaces. When it comes to tools and equipment, you can also expect the latest technology and everything you need. For example, we work with SpringBoot, Angular, Node.js, Docker, and Amazon Web Services. But because technologies are continually changing and our solutions address various needs,our tech stack is changing and developing, too.

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