Project - Lexware Warenwirtschaft


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Lexware warenwirtschaft is an enterprise resource planning system for small and medium-sized businesses. Like many Lexware solutions, the product has been around for many years and is continuously being developed further. Changes and enhancements in software solutions that have matured over time are never trivial. That’s why we have an agile team culture that embraces experimentation and a sense of responsibility at the same time.

“We’re inspired by our customers and colleagues to find new creative ways to implement established processes afresh in modern and successful solutions. The culture at Haufe Group gives us the freedom to experiment responsibly and be creative.” Jerome , agile test engineer

Customer requests are gathered via product surveys, feedback functions in the program, specialist suppliers, and support, and then implemented in sprints. We use Visual Studio with TFS for development and testing. For communication and exchanging knowledge and ideas, we use mob and pair programming, code reviews, COPs, and –of course – scrum events.

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