Project - Sales and Service Guide


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With the “SAP Fiori Applications” project, the Sales & Service Guide team has simplified the order-to-cash processes using the latest SAP technologies, making them intuitive to use. With the creation of self-service portals and AI technologies, the team has not only simplified the user application, but has also been able to focus on customer service contacts.

The project started in 2018 as a voluntary initiative with the optimization of contract termination in the form of a customer-friendly app. In the meantime, the pilot project has developed into a large-scale project, which was presented at the German-speaking SAP user group e.V. and which contributes significantly to business success.

“The young talents in our team in particular help us shed light on the dark and radically rethink processes. We are united by a close team spirit and a common goal in mind. ”Ignatius , Scrum Master

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