Project - Testautomatisierung


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With a big, sophisticated software portfolio like Lexware, testing the individual solutions is a continuous and ever more comprehensive task. In theory, it would be great if we could test every feature in every possible scenario. So that our developers don’t get bogged down with repetitive and simple test runs, our Test Automation project team writes programs that test our software fully automatically.

“This involves deploying the latest technology for user interface automation. What’s more, we set high standards for design, for example, we have clean code guidelines. This internal projectis designed to assure high product quality and, at the same time, reduce our workload.” Thomas Kilgus, development engineer

The team works with UI automation, LeanFT, UFT Developer, NUnit, Clean Code, and git. In the future, we plan to introduce artificial intelligence into the project, to make the tests more robust. Bringing together state-of-the-art technology and software that’s 20 years old is especially challenging and exciting.

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