Haufe Group Appoints Helmut Fink-Neuböck as Chief Organizational Innovation Officer


Freiburg, August 22, 2019 – Withthe new executive unit Organizational Innovation, Haufe Group is maximizing itsown power to innovate. On August 1, 2019, Helmut Fink-Neuböck assumedleadership of the new unit, which will develop company structures and therebyequip the organization to deal successfully and consistently with a future thatis changing ever more rapidly.

Haufe Group’s growth over thepast few years is testimony to the fact that transformation is a key successfactor for companies in these disruptive times. New opportunities presented bytechnology, increasingly complex markets, and social upheaval mean businessesare caught up in powerful dynamics, so they must rethink what they do and howthey do it, and find new strategies. The old hierarchical structures and modesof thought that used to be successful have become obsolete. To be able to meetthe demands of the future, organizations must permanently and radically callthemselves into question and reinvent themselves. However, this change inperspective must not be detached from day-to-day business, but must always beconsidered within the context of market requirements. This strategic couplingof business and organization is one of the key tasks of the new unit, which ispositioned in the company hierarchy directly below the Haufe Group managementboard. Fink-Neuböck will constantly develop structures and processes within theorganization to create the best possible conditions to ensure the long-termsuccess of the company’s business activities.

Having held posts at variousstartups and as Head of Strategic Business Development & Innovation at SAP,Fink-Neuböck was most recently Chief Strategist & Business Architect at theHaufe Group subsidiary Haufe-umantis, where he was responsible for the businessand HR strategy. At Haufe Group, he will now dovetail business requirementswith the organizational setup across the group, scrutinize and rethinkprocesses, and foster cultural transformation. In addition, Fink-Neuböck willshare his experiences and expert knowledge about market-based change processes,and help other companies anchor organizational innovation as a strategic topicand build networks. “People and organizations are interacting in a time ofgreat change, a time full of paradoxes. To be successful in the long term,stable dynamics must become reality. Resolving this paradox is what drives me,”Helmut Fink-Neuböck says.

In his new role, HelmutFink-Neuböck will report directly to Haufe Group CEO Markus Reithwiesner. “Tosecure the future of Germany and Europe, it’s decisive that companies masterthe challenges of upheavals now and going forward. As a pioneer of successfulbusiness transformation, we see it as our task to assume responsibility andpass on our experience,” Reithwiesner says. “We are convinced that HelmutFink-Neuböck is just the right person to develop organizational innovation andmake it a core discipline in companies – that is, our own company and those ofour customers.”

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