Haufe Group outstrips target, achieving sales of EUR 343 million


Freiburg, 31 July 2017 – The Haufe Group achieved growth of around 13% as at the end of the fiscal year in June 2017. The family-owned enterprise, based in Freiburg, had sales of EUR 343 million, considerably outstripping its already ambitious target of EUR 332 million.

Marked growth is evident in particular in new products that target digital change in the market. The Haufe brand achieved the largest-ever increase in the history of the Haufe Group in its ‘Corporate’ segment. It acquired several leading national and international companies from the automotive and telecommunications sectors as customers for Rhythmix, its new digital transformation offering. Rhythmix is a mix of consulting, software and training. It gives companies the tools it needs to face the challenges of the future. Using an equal degree of innovative and interactive methods from the field of gamification, a holistic approach helps companies implement their business strategies, in a way that is tailored to the people, processes and tools within the organization.

The need for support for the comprehensive change processes underway within companies was also evident at Haufe Akademie, where there was increased demand for company‑specific courses as well as strong growth in its open further training program. There was also a significant increase in bookings for management programs that focus on the Haufe leadership model, for international seminars and further training programs.

New customers for Lexware’s Cloud solutions also increased significantly. Whereas lexoffice – the online accounting software – experienced a rise of almost 100% in its active customers, three out of four new customers also opted for smartsteuer, Lexware’s online taxation software, to submit their personal tax return. Automation and speech-recognition processes are the latest technological trends in these areas. For example, smartsteuer already implements Alexa Steuermann-Bot – Amazon’s language interface – to help users compile tax returns.

“These developments are a very clear indication that digital transformation has hit home and that customers are starting to use these products”, says Markus Reithwiesner, CEO of the Haufe Group. “This sends us a clear signal and we will continue to invest strongly in these new markets and solutions.”

There have been some staffing changes in the management board. Martin Laqua (65) – who has been at the company for more than 25 years – moved to the Advisory Board as at 1 July. Birte Hackenjos (48) and Markus Reithwiesner (54) now take on the roles of Co-Holding Managers at the company.

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Hille Kück
Corporate Communications

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