We’ve been working on the future for years.

Want to know what the future holds? Then we have good news
for you. Futurologists predict that human evolution will succeed – if big ideas are made bigger and existing technologies are transported into the future.

This involves catching flashes of insight and channeling them in the right direction. We’ve been proving this theory right for more than 80 years. With our software, consulting, and training solutions. We make complex things simpler, and we make some things happen on their own – benefiting companies of all shapes and sizes. And as a partner or employee, you’ll carve out your own successful future, too.

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407 million euros
annual sales for Haufe Group
employees worldwide
All DAX 30
companies rely on our expertise
seminar participants at Haufe Akademie every year
reference letters are created with Haufe Zeugnis Manager every year
NPS: 75.6
customer satisfaction for smartsteuer tax software
Lexware software market share based on sales

Here, valuable models find a suitable setting.

What distinguishes a family? Its solidarity, values and traditions, but certainly also its plans and visions. This becomes apparent in the business world as well. Haufe Group is a family business in the best possible way. Not solely a supplier, but truly a partner. With a sense of responsibility for lasting, successful relationships.

Just like in every family, stability and security are important factors – yet always coupled with a forward vision. New business fields, new characters, new challenges are welcome at all times. Because immersed in diversity, we feel at home. Haufe Group is a family business, yet still it proves greatness – in dealing with both people and projects.

“Utilizing the opportunities of digitalization means making our clients successful. This is our goal, and on that account, we keep reinventing ourselves – for our clients and for ourselves.”
Birte Hackenjos, CEO and Harald Wagner, CFO

A fixed constant is the will to change things.

It’s not that we want to change – we must change. Change is the basis of progress. And progress should happen at every single workplace. The future lies in decentralized and agile solutions, right down to the smallest unit.

Sometimes, gentle tweaking is enough. Sometimes, you need a complete overhaul. Markets change and companies must adapt their business accordingly. To empower them to do this, Haufe Group delivers new or continuously advanced technologies.

Why a company on the edge of the Black Forest, of all places? The people here have always been good at inventing things. That’s why the region is one of the most innovative in the European Union. And that’s not about to change in the future.

„Den großen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit begegnen wir mit direkter Einbeziehung unserer Mitarbeiter, Teamwork und Kommunikation. Die Zeit der einsamen Entscheidungen seitens des Vorstands ist vorbei. Gemeinsam meistern wir die Zukunft.“
Martin Laqua, CEO/CFO

Markus Reithwiesner, Jahrgang 1962, ist Holding- Geschäftsführer der Haufe Gruppe. In dieser Position ist er gruppenweit verantwortlich für die Bereiche Elektronisches Publizieren, Produktentwicklung, Business Development und Programmentwicklung sowie die Marken Lexware und Haufe.

Er kam 1998 als Geschäftsführer zur Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, einem früheren Unternehmen der Haufe Gruppe und ist seit 2005 zusätzlich Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung der Haufe Gruppe.

Markus Reithwiesner ist ein ausgewiesener Experte in der IT-Branche – und von Anfang an dabei. Nach dem Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre in Nürnberg begann er seine Karriere beim Münchner Distributor Computer 2000. Danach wechselte er in die deutsche Niederlassung des amerikanischen Softwareherstellers Intuit. Das Unternehmen machte sich einen Namen mit den Finanzprogrammen Quicken, QuickBooks und QuickSteuer. Bevor Markus Reithwiesner 1998 zu Lexware wechselte war er bei Intuit als Direktor Produktmarketing für die Entwicklung des Europageschäftes verantwortlich. Die Aktivitäten von Intuit in Deutschland wurden 1998 von Lexware übernommen.

Markus Reithwiesner ist verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder. Seine knapp bemessene Freizeit verbringt er am liebsten mit seiner Familie, klassischer Musik und Lesen.

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Haufe Group Brands


“The most important driver of business success is people who do the right thing.” As a provider of integrated business and workplace solutions, we are wholly committed to management that puts employees at the heart of entrepreneurial reasoning and actions.

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Haufe Akademie

With a range of offerings that spans seminars, tailored e-learning solutions, in-house training, and systemic organizational consulting, Haufe Akademie is the ideal full-service partner for workplace qualifications for companies of all sizes.

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Lexware products help users bring order to their business and personal finances – from bookkeeping through retailing and taxes.
Lexware gives customers the security of an all-round package with innovative software, comprehensive online services, industry knowledge, and business networks.

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Semigator Ltd. provides Germany’s biggest internet marketplace for advanced training and a procurement platform for training for big and medium-sized companies.
(Whether personnel manager, purchasing agent, specialist or executive: Semigator facilitates finding the right advanced training measures.)

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Since 2009, smartsteuer Ltd. has been represented in the tax market with its online tax return at www.smartsteuer.de and is considered one of the market leaders in the industry. The goal of smartsteuer Ltd. is to accompany taxpayers for issuing their tax returns with the  fastest, easiest and safest online product.

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The accounting software lexoffice makes accounting easier than ever! Writing bills, creating quotations, scanning receipts – simple and online!

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The Schäffer-Poeschel publisher for Economics ·Taxes ·Law Ltd. has the longest tradition among all specialized industrial management publishers and is one of the leading economics books publishers in the German-speaking area.

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Verlag für ControllingWissen (Publisher for Controlling Knowledge)

The Verlag für ControllingWissen plc. has set its goal to process the controlling know-how required for practical working and to provide you with information about the latest developments in controlling.

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Our Partners


Haufe Group is in regular dialog with Google. We’re part of annual strategy meetings and have hosted joint training events.

Amazon Webservices

For some time now, Haufe Group has been pursuing a cloud strategy to help customers use Haufe Group products even better. It therefore made sense to cooperate with the world’s biggest cloud provider to profit from its technology innovations. Haufe Group has been an AWS partner since 2016. In addition to co-innovations based on AWS, the two companies jointly host workshops and meet-ups in the German IT community – to spread the word about the cloud.


For many years now, we have been one of the biggest Microsoft Gold Partners in the German software development environment. Haufe Group develops numerous products based on a wide range of Microsoft solutions to keep its customers on course for success. Throughout the partnership, more joint projects and initiatives have been set up – for example, Haufe Group was supported by Microsoft in its transition into the cloud and deploys innovative solutions such as Office365.


Haufe Discovery
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Haufe Inc.
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Haufe-Lexware Romania SRL
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Haufe-Lexware Romania SRL
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Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG
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Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG
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Verlag für ControllingWissen AG
Münchner Straße 10
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Haufe New Times
Tangstedter Landstraße 83
22415 Hamburg
Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag
Reinsburgstraße 27
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Steuerbot GmbH
Kirchheimer Str. 64A
70619 Stuttgart
Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG
Offenbacher Straße 98
63263 Neu-Isenburg
Semigator GmbH
Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 67
65185 Wiesbaden
Haufe-Lexware Services GmbH & Co. KG
Niederlassung Würzburg
Unternehmensbereich Media Sales
Im Kreuz 9
97076 Würzburg
Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG
Stresemannstraße 4
33602 Bielefeld
smartsteuer GmbH
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Semigator GmbH
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