Our future is sustainable.

Firstly, we shape our own corporate development in sustainable ways. Secondly, we enable our customers to do so.
Christel Nelius, Corporate Sustainability Manager

We take sustainability twice as seriously.

We view the development towards a sustainable company as being a logical transformational step. As a family business, we think in terms of generations. This is why we adopt the global guidelines of the United Nations and provide our contribution to sustainable development – in ecological, social and economic terms. We also have the opportunity to promote sustainable development in two ways.

We call it

We are committed to sustainable corporate
development – on two levels:

Haufe Group

We are resolutely driving forward our own sustainable transformation.

our customers

Thanks to innovative products and solutions, we also support customers in their sustainable development.

We take a holistic,
sustainable approach.


Ecological sustainability:

We are on the path to climate neutrality.

Greenhouse gas emissions are a key cause of climate change and global warming. Although our business activities have a comparatively low impact on ecological processes, it is our declared goal to iteratively minimize our footprint.

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“We’re committed to the scientifically based Net Zero standard of the SBTi and, as Haufe Group, are embarking on the path to climate neutrality.“
Birte Hackenjos
CEO Haufe Group


We promote education, digitalization and a pioneering work culture.

Haufe Group is a socially sustainable company. We use our range of expertise and potential to continuously develop our working environment and that of our customers.

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An overview of our sponsorship projects:



KinderHelden supports children with difficult starting conditions. We support volunteers who, as learning and leisure companions, look after children throughout Germany.


StartUp17 is an educational program for sustainability, is aimed at companies and their trainees and is sponsored by us.
Initiative D21

Initiative D21

D21 draws up situation reports on the digital society and kick-starts studies and projects. We are a supporting member and project sponsor of the annual Digital Index.
Hacker School

Hacker School

The Hacker School is an initiative that gets children and young people excited about programming. As part of this initiative, we introduce children and youngsters, in a fun way, to the world of programming.


IT2School supports children and young people in the competent use and design of digital media. For IT2School, we have educational partnerships with three schools in which pupils can acquire key skills for handling IT topics.
Girls’ and Boys’ Day

Girls’ and Boys’ Day

The Girls’ and Boys’ Day is the nationwide day of action for career guidance. It’s also the day we welcome children and young people to our campus and give them fascinating insights into a wide variety of vocations.

Economic sustainability:

We enable economically sustainable action.

Sustainable management is increasingly becoming an important factor for success in companies. As we actively support the future viability of customers with our products and solutions, we see very promising opportunities for our development in the field of economic sustainability, and we also see it as the biggest lever for making an impact.

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Our sustainability portfolio for our customers.

Digital expertise, a large portfolio of specialist books, a news portal for sustainable corporate management and a wide range of training options: We have a wide variety of services for anyone who wants to intensify their knowledge of sustainability and contribute to sustainable development.
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