Haufe Group:
As a combination, unique.


New technologies and opportunities are consistently changing the world of work and new needs and requirements are constantly emerging. As a group with different areas of expertise, we respond to this with a wide range of solutions and services.


Our success is based on the uniqueness of our employees, teams and business divisions, which only unfold their true strength in the solidarity of our group of companies. It is this bond that makes us special.

We are as we are.

Our values.

Our values are the inner compass that guides us. They determine our actions and how we treat each other. We’re proud that they were inspired by our founder and have matured from decade to decade.

We are self-respecting.

We treat each other honestly and fairly. We embrace all people respectfully, as equals and in a responsible way, regardless of background, gender, origin or position. For us, decency also means that our employees can combine family and career well and that we are socially committed.

We are reliable.

We stand by our word. We can rely on each other just as all others can rely on us. We avoid hierarchical thinking and emphasize direct dialog between employees and managers, all the way up to top management. Reliability is also reflected in entrepreneurial behavior: We prioritize successful long-term developments over short-term profit maximization.

We are curious.

We’re interested in everything we’re not familiar with, and especially in new things. We love to question and think in new ways. We generally see change as an opportunity and not as a hazard. Our curiosity allows us to constantly develop new and sustainable solutions for customers, which is also why it enables us to transform.

We are genuine.

We do what we say and we say what we do. We don’t pretend and we don’t falsify. We are who and how we are. We recognize our own strengths as well as our weaknesses and continue to develop as people and as an organization. Our communication is transparent and open.

We are determined.

We move forward consistently and purposefully and we face up to challenges with high levels of volition, perseverance and courage. Giving up is difficult for us. We always act in the conviction that we can achieve our targets and support each other.

Figures that make us proud.
Facts that make us happy.

510 million

euros turnover (financial year 2022/2023).


job testimonials created annually with the Haufe Zeugnis Manager.

1 million

customers use Lexware products.


customers participate annually in Haufe Akademie seminars.


All DAX 40 companies benefit from our solutions and services.


Haufe Group locations: eight in Germany, one in Romania and one in Spain.


employees contribute to the success of Haufe Group (as of July 2024).

Haufe Group is the first point of contact for corporate services – from solo freelancers to large companies.

Our vision is the North Star of Haufe Group and it formulates our long-term goal. It acts as motivation and incentive for all employees to perform their best.

Our service areas.

Or: where we already work on products that our customers will need tomorrow.


Workplace solutions that combine in-depth, specialized expertise with smart, digital tools.


Application programs that have the backs of self-employed and very small to very large companies.


Qualification and further training programs that support specialists and managers with face-to-face and online formats.

Our best-known brands.


Sustainable solutions for corporate services.

Haufe brings together smart and unique solutions with legally compliant expertise, offering HR departments, tax firms and other corporate services ideal support in their daily work and getting them up and running for new topics.

Haufe Akademie

Facilitating development, shaping the future.

Haufe Akademie is the leading provider of training solutions in Germany. We offer the most effective portfolio for the development of people and organizations, ranging from innovative learning technologies and a unique variety of formats and topics to consulting and implementation of strategically oriented HR and organizational development.


Software solutions for efficient business processes.

Lexware develops commercial software solutions for small businesses and the self-employed, making it market leader in Germany. Our business solutions, networks and corporate expertise for accounting, wages and salaries, taxes and finance keeps our customers’ backs free and allows them to focus on their business.

More Brands
How we position innovation, knowledge and expertise in the market for the benefit of customers.
Timo Vogeler
Product Owner Haufe AI
Haufe Akademie
Constanze Brückner
UX Designer
Sophia Heitzler
PR Manager

Over one million customers trust us.

We’re pleased about each and every one of them.

Our customers make us exceedingly proud. These include solo self-employed people, founders, SMEs and large companies through to listed corporations. Or, put another way: all who want to make even more of their potential.

Haufe Group Ventures:
We invest today in ideas for tomorrow.

Haufe Group Ventures develops innovative and future-oriented products and invests in highly promising start-ups.

Change has been our constant since the founding of our company.

The history of Haufe Group.

From successful publisher to specialist for digital, web-based services and agile, future-proof companies: The courage to embrace change and the ability to innovate have not only enabled us to transform over past decades, but continue to guide us into the future.

Haufe Group

Haufe Group divests Haufe Lexware Real Estate AG for strategic reasons.

Neues Haufe Group Logo

Realignment of Haufe Group is initiated. It becomes the higher-level employer brand and paves the way for the Group's future.


Sustainability is anchored in the corporate strategy. Haufe Group is committed to the scientifically based Net Zero standard of the STBi and is on the path to climate neutrality.

Logo Great Place to work certified

Haufe Group is recognized as a Great Place to Work and is one of the 100 best employers in Germany. Awards are also received for Best Employer in Baden-Württemberg and ICT.

Logo Hivebuy und Logo nuwound ai-omatic solutions.

Haufe Group Ventures starts, and great investments in the promising start-ups Hivebuy and nuwo are made right at the beginning. The third investment in ai-omatic solutions follows shortly afterwards.

Logo Umantis und Steuerbot

Haufe Group divests Umantis and Steuerbot for strategic reasons.

Rendering Neubau Gebäude 6 am Campus in Freiburg

The new building on the campus in Freiburg creates modern working environments for up to 400 new colleagues.


The hybrid working model emerges: we allow teams to decide together with their managers how often they meet in the office or work remotely.


The first location in Spain opens in Barcelona.


Acquisition of Umantis in St. Gallen and smartsteuer in Hanover.

innovative Erfolgsprodukte (offene Laptops)

Apps and internet portals for taxes, HR and accounting such as the “Haufe Zeugnis Manager” and the first cloud-based accounting solution “lexoffice” are created.


Inauguration of the Timișoara site in Romania. Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG is founded.

Das Haufe Service Center wird gegründet.

The Haufe Service Center is founded.


The publishing house sells its printing presses and turns to digitalization.

Laptop von Lexware

Acquisition of the Freiburg software start-up Lexware.

Datenzentrale im Verlagsgebäude

The first fee-based online services complement the range.


The first PC in the editorial offices is put into operation.


The publishing house is one of the first German companies to take part in field trials with on-screen text, considered one of the forerunners of the internet.


Haufe Seminars offer further training. The Haufe Akademie is established.

Steuer und Wirtschaftskurzpost

"Das Personalbüro in Recht und Praxis" (The Personnel Office in Law and Practice) is published. The binder provides personnel-related knowledge and explains legal specifications.

publishing building

Relocation to the publishing building in Hindenburgstrasse in Freiburg. The publishing house employs over 100 people.

first office

Foundation of Rudolf Haufe Verlag. Publication of the loose-leaf publication "Steuer- und Wirtschaftskurzpost" (Tax and Business News).

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