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Haufe Group Ventures develops pioneering products and invests in innovative companies for the working world of tomorrow.

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Haufe Group Ventures helps new ideas for corporate services to develop and flourish. Our focus is on two areas: with Venture Capital we act as an investor that supports and accompanies founders and their companies, and with Venture Studio we develop innovative and pioneering products.

Venture Capital.
We invest in ideas.

We invest in innovative B2B SaaS companies that focus on corporate services. In doing so, we look out for a clear product vision, a strong team and parameters such as market size, competitive environment and business model. As an investor we not only support with the necessary capital, but also use our expertise and network to develop the young companies together with their founders. Our commitment is focused on the entire DACH region.

These start-ups are already part of our portfolio:



Bettina Fischer and Stefan Kiehne had had enough of dry and repetitive procurement processes. The Berlin-based founding team therefore developed their intelligent purchasing software Hivebuy in 2021 which the start-up offers as Software as a Service. The solution helps companies to organize orders and make spending more transparent – whether for services, software or hardware.


"Why do companies so often leave their employees sitting at their kitchen table when they work at home?" This question from founder Lisa Rosa Bräutigam came about in 2021. The Workplace as a Service start-up offers office furniture on a leasing basis, with the employees developing curated and individually branded online stores for companies so they can equip, finance and manage workplaces in a legally compliant manner.
ai-omatic solutions

ai-omatic solutions

Predictive maintenance: By using an AI-supported maintenance assistant, ai-omatic solutions helps production companies detect anomalies in machine data at an early stage and thus prevent unplanned downtimes, trim maintenance overheads and improve efficiency. Lena Weirauch, Felix Kraft and Björn Schulz are the faces behind the start-up which was founded in 2020 and aims to revolutionize digital machine maintenance.


Creating video content in companies simply, quickly and in high quality is the declared goal of Mozaik. From planning and editing to sharing, the Mozaik corporate video platform enables employees to create professional videos entirely without prior knowledge. The brains behind the concept are David Knöbl and Neele Maarten de Vries, who founded their first company shortly after graduating from high school before coming up with the idea for Mozaik.


Flexible and location-independent working makes employees more productive and motivated – the start-up founded by Dr. Julia Ezinger and Daniel Ratke is based on this fundamental idea. In the form of rhome, they combine compliance and global mobility management requirements with modern working and living qualities and help companies to set up efficient workflows. This transparent digitalization and automation of processes significantly reduces the workload for HR departments.

Venture Studio.
We develop ideas.

Ideas only become innovations and valuable business models upon their implementation. A good first impulse is fundamental but is not sufficient on its own. This is why we test and verify new products and translate them into viable concepts.   As part of this we analyses fundamental topic clusters that are of interest for the future and evaluate them qualitatively and quantitatively. And always with the aim of learning with and through our target groups, building up valuable business and thus generating new streams of revenue. In doing so, we comply with the following process:



We scour through both established and new markets, illuminating their target groups and localizing their needs.


Ideate & Prototype

Following the analysis and after gaining feedback from the target groups, we rapidly develop and test prototypes.


MVP & Scale

If our solution is accepted and the development forecast is positive, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP). This is our first step into the market and the start of scaling.

„We believe in innovative ideas and people with strong visions. As an investor, we use our expertise and experience to actively promote entrepreneurship and up-and-coming business ideas.“
Jasper Roll
Managing Director Haufe Group Ventures


Jasper Roll is highly familiar with the world of start-ups and working on innovative business models from multiple perspectives. He knows from his own experience about the needs of young companies and what is important for successful start-ups. He always has time for an initial, noncommittal conversation.

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