Encrypted e-mail communication: How to communicate with us securely

Unencrypted e-mails are about as public as a postcard, because e-mails pass through numerous servers before they reach the recipient. On their journey, they can be read by third parties or even manipulated. If you want to be certain that confidential information is read only by the intended recipient, you should encrypt your e-mails. And it’s simple.

The e-mail encryption system Haufe Group Secure E-Mail offers you two easy ways to exchange e-mails securely and in away that third parties can’t read them.

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Why is secure e-mail communication so important?

We want to empower people in companies. This also applies to data protection and secure communication.
These are the benefits of encrypted communication:

Your options for sending and receiving e-mails

Encryption via the Web Mail Portal

To use the Web Mail Portal, you don’t need to download any additional software. It’s easy and straightforward.
Web-Portal Login (GERMAN)

Encryption with S/MIME certificate

For S/MIME and PGP, you need what’s known as a public and a private key, as well as an e-mail program that supports the relevant procedure.

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Awareness Schulung

This is where you’ll find definitions of terms used in the context of e-mail encryption.


Do you have any questions about secure e-mail communication? Then simply e-mail us at securemail.support@haufe-lexware.com.

The team is always available to answer questions and provide information about e-mail communication at Haufe Group.