Haufe Group Venture Studio

We are working on good ideas.
As a company builder, we test and verify new business models and target groups for the Haufe Group. We want exciting ideas not to remain just ideas, but to grow into valuable business models and startups. A good first impulse is elementary - but alone it is not enough. With our know-how, we scale forward-looking approaches and transfer them to customer-oriented concepts and startups.

Our process

From the idea to the finished product - with lean processes and clear steps!


We continuously investigate established and new markets and talk to our target groups. Where are the pain points? What do companies need to get off the ground? What are the concrete challenges? 

Ideate & Prototype

Based on this analysis, we develop solutions to meet the needs of the companies. We work according to the Lean Startup principle. This means that feedback from our target group is essential for us right from the start. We therefore develop prototypes after a short time, which we test with the target group. In this way, we ensure that we really meet the needs of the companies and solve problems in the long term.

MVP & Scale

If our solution meets the needs of our customers, we develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). At this point, we also approach the first customers and start scaling.

We work with different creative methods and techniques. Would you like a little insight into how our work on ideas is exemplary and how it feels?


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