Picture from left to right: Raphael Wagner (FUTURE project), Johannes Brugger, Vincent Schmidt-Hollburg, Jürgen Thoman, Aurel-Benedict Grethler Rodea

Haufe Group and Project FUTURE honour winners of the programming competition at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg


As a cooperation partner, the Haufe Group is supporting the award-winning FUTURE project of the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg for the second time and thus the programming competition in the field of legal and tech. The festive award ceremony for this year's winners took place on Thursday, 3 November 2022, at the Haufe Group's Freiburg campus.

The Haufe Group supports the FUTURE project (Freiburg University Education on Technology and Law) of the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg for two semesters as a cooperation partner and also provides the prizes for the programming competition. As part of the cooperation, the Haufe Group is not only a sponsor but also a practice partner and contributes with a lecture on the job description "Editorial Manager:in" to give the students an example of how to apply what they have learned.

"Getting lawyers excited about rethinking the law and using the opportunities of digitalisation is the common denominator for the cooperation between the Haufe Group and the FUTURE project at the University of Freiburg," explains Jürgen Thoman, Head of Editorial Department, who is in charge of the cooperation on behalf of the Haufe Group. The Haufe Group offers fully qualified lawyers exciting career options far away from traditional law firm work, for example as an Editorial Manager. In this role, the main focus is on optimally supporting people in their everyday professional life with legal questions and topics through suitable formats. "Making the profession of Editorial Manager:in and the Haufe Group itself better known among students is an essential aspect of our cooperation. Legal tech is playing an increasingly important role in the area of content and product creation alongside the classic content formats. This requires new talents who bring their legal expertise to such software projects."

The challenge of this year's programming competition was to develop a tool for end users to assert their rights without having to have extensive legal knowledge. Three of the participants were awarded prizes for their programme: Vincent Schmidt-Hollburg (1st place) and Johannes Brugger (3rd place) were awarded for their programmes on sales law and Aurel-Benedict Grethler Rodea (2nd place) for his solution on air passenger rights. The task touched on the working reality of the Haufe Group, "where it is very important to solve legally complex issues with intelligent software in such a way that users can call up the right information with legal certainty or are offered the right solution to their problem directly," said Jürgen Thoman.

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