Haufe Group SE closes the financial year with strong sales growth


Haufe Group SE, one of the leading providers in the field of software solutions, content and learning, closed the fiscal year 2022/2023, which ended in June, with revenues of 510 million euros. This corresponds to growth of 17%. This continues the positive trend of the past years.

The extensive digital offerings of all business units recorded strong growth in the financial year. The continuing learning unit, which was challenged in the Corona years, not only recovered, but also benefited from the intensive strategic expansion of the offering in the last two years. There is also strong demand for the new products and learning offerings that support companies on their journey to greater sustainability.

The number of employees in the Haufe Group grew to 2,650 and increased by around 300 employees at 12 locations in the last fiscal year. 1,850 employees now work at the main site in Freiburg.

"The year 2023 has shown that we are well positioned with our focus on the future viability of the Haufe Group. We are growing in all our business areas. The existing business and, to an increasing extent, the new product groups are contributing to this," says Birte Hackenjos, CEO Haufe Group. "We are particularly pleased that we are able to make a contribution with our offerings to our customers - the companies in Germany - in order to be successful in these economically and socially uncertain times. Our thanks go to our dedicated employees who work hard every day to ensure the company's success."

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