Haufe Group Sells Haufe Discovery to A. Stein’sche Mediengruppe


Strategic focusing for the Haufe brand has resulted in Haufe Group’s sale of its subsidiary Haufe Discovery to A. Stein’sche Mediengruppe with effect from January 1, 2021. The 45 jobs in Leipzig are to be preserved, and the creation of new positions is anticipated.

Haufe Discovery was founded in 1991 as LSL Literatur Service Leipzig and has been part of Haufe Group since 2011. It covers the area of analog and digital procurement and use of specialist media in businesses, universities, and the public sector. With the sale of Haufe Discovery, Haufe Group is fine-tuning its portfolio for the Haufe brand as Germany’s leading provider of digital workplace solutions and services, and as a key player in the field of training and professional development.

Focus on workplace solutions for shaping the future of companies

Looking back on the past years, Joachim Rotzinger, managing director Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, a Haufe Group company, says: “We could see that, with our engagement in Haufe Discovery, we could not meet our ambitious targets. Our strategic investments must make a lasting contribution to Haufe Group as a whole.” Birte Hackenjos, CEO Haufe Group, is convinced that Haufe Discovery’s business has potential in a compatible enterprise environment, which is why the sale to A.Stein’sche Mediengruppe is a meaningful decision for all the parties involved. Rotzinger and Hackenjos would like to thank all the Haufe Discovery employees for their dedication within Haufe Group.

An old new name: LSL Literaturservice Stein Leipzig

A. Stein’sche Mediengruppe will assume leadership of Haufe Discovery on January 1, 2021. Haufe Discovery, based in Leipzig, is an excellent fit for the family-owned enterprise from the town of Werl, in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has developed into an international specialist and retail bookseller since its foundation in 1713.

Haufe Discovery will trade as LSL Literaturservice Stein Leipzig, a new interpretation of its old, tried-and-true name. Alexander Stein, managing partner of A. Stein’sche Mediengruppe, will be the managing director. Claudia Hammer and Mirza Hayit will leave their posts as directors on December 31, 2020.

The offices in Leipzig and Boston are to be retained. The 45 jobs will be preserved, too. The business area will be expanded within A. Stein’sche Mediengruppe, which operates in Germany and internationally. “Now in our ninth generation, we have remained true to our company motto ‘do not go back, go ahead’ since 1713 and we look forward to a successful 2021 together with Haufe Discovery. We are convinced that the high level of digitalization that we already offer our customers can be combined with the wide-ranging expertise of Haufe Discovery, and will result in successful synergies. We are driven by our desire to further develop digital solutions, expand collaboration with our current suppliers, and acquire new ones – so that we, as an independent specialist media provider – can continue to be a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers,” says Alexander Stein, managing partner of A. Stein’sche Mediengruppe.

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